Why rely on a business consultant? Whether you are a sole proprietorship or a start-up, a small or medium-sized company or a multinational, the figure of the corporate consultant is essential in various situations. When opening a company, to draw up a business plan, to restructure or reorganize a company, to manage personnel and marketing strategies, the activity of the business consultancy ranges in different areas and directions.

Business Management Consultant

What does a business consultant do? As mentioned above, the figure of the consultant in business management is important as he aims to implement the value of the company by optimizing costs and investments and by developing new potential. A business consultancy expert has an in-depth knowledge of corporate and economic laws thanks to which he is able to support companies in various types of projects, such as:


  • HR management
  • Company digitalization
  • Successful sales strategies
  • Investments optimization
  • Decision-making dynamics
  • Organization skill


Who relies on a Company Consultant?

Relying on a business consultant in Milan means finding the professional figure able to assist your company in facing the challenges of the market and the target sector with a concrete possibility of success. Through a careful analysis of the risks and of the critical issues, due to the experience gained in the field of business consultancy, the skills in legislative matters and finally through the verification of company plans and projects, the business consultant is able to provide solutions and paths to improve management, organization and business development in a practical and efficient way.

The external consultant

Where can we find reliable business consultants? These figures are usually external consultants who have a broader vision and experience in the field of business management. Trust Giovanni Volonterio for a professional advice!