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New Business and opportunities in Milan for Students and Recent Graduates: find out how to start a business from scratch and how to give substance to your business idea.

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Milan offers business opportunities at international level. Just take them!

More and more foreign students in Italy decide to start a New Business in Milan.

You can do it too: don’t give up your winning idea, entrust it to Giovanni Volonterio, business coach and business consultant with a long experience in the sector.


New Business: Milan and its Opportunities.

Not everybody has business acumen, which is a precious gift.

Nevertheless, it is not enough to start up a new business: you need a deep knowledge of the bureaucracy, both to register a company in compliance with the law and to grasp the best fiscal opportunities.

In fact, in Italy there are tax breaks for the opening of new companies that makes possible for graduates and successful students to start their own business.

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Graduates at Work: is that Possible?

Every brilliant student begins, sooner or later, to imagine job opportunities. Thanks to the accomplices of charismatic figures of this millennium, young talented caress the idea of setting up their own business.

But, how to start a business?

Although there is a winning idea, many times the experience and the ability to define an entrepreneurial and commercial strategy lacks.

Start New Activity: Our Project for Young Entrepreneurs

Thanks to a long experience in international business consulting, we can help you:

turn your insights into concrete projects

define achievable goals

set up a business plan

monitor the development of your business project

deal with the paperwork

manage tax and fiscal issues

Demand for our fiscal and strategic assistance, develop your project and take it to success!