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Disputes And Mediations: Who To Contact?

For foreign companies operating in Italy it is important to have a point of reference for labor disputes mediation, as well as mediation in commercial disputes and in corporate disputes.

In recent years the Alternative Dispute Resolution in Italy has achieved the right balance and offering you the best solution to ensure appropriate mediation in corporate disputes, avoiding resorting to courts and lengthy judicial proceedings.

Business and Labor Dispute Mediation: What Can be Done

New Business, companies and activities, can lead to disputes of various kinds not only between employer and employees, but also between producer and consumer or even corporate disputes also between international business partners.

Thanks to the mediation of accredited professionals and of an appropriated selected ADR body, the Alternative Dispute Resolution allows you to reach a convenient solution, accepted and signed by all parties.

The mediation therefore allows you to smooth out all those difficulties that may come up from the management of an international business or trade, whereas legal, cultural and fiscal differences surely arise.

Giovanni Volonterio - Business Consulant Milan

Corporate Disputes: A Valid Mediation

Among the most delicate disputes submitted to mediation, we should consider the company disputes, including those related to the generational handover of family business. Our experience allows us to treat the mediation with the utmost reliability, granting an attentive listening of all the stakeholders involved.

We also know that at the basis of a valid mediation there should be creative and at the same time respectful solutions, for which we guarantee confidentiality and discretion.

In case of disputes, rely on a professional mediation, to obtain a quick and effective resolution.

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